How to survive first contact?

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.

― Arthur C. Clarke

If there wasn’t life (not only intelligent ones, but any kind) out there in the cosmos, we would never be able to figure it out. This is simply internal to the searching process: we already know there are many many galaxies as far as billion light years away and they are already moving faster and faster away from each other. This means even if we had the ability to move as fast as light speed, we would need billions of billions of years to search every corner of the universe, rest, stop searching, and announce that “we are alone in the universe” and start to live with the fact. So try it or not, the possibility of being alone in the universe will change nothing in the course of our lives except the money and energy we have to spend for nothing. If it’s terrifying, so be it. We have to accept the possibility right now and should not care about it at all; it’s the other side of the coin that matters: what if there is life out there? Continue reading