We cannot distinguish Science (Fact) from Fiction unless we become aware of the fact that there’s collaboration between the two. Theories that (somehow) make sense are nothing but a subset of fantasies of the brilliant human brain, the ones that there is some way to make experiments with; once being experienced, they become fact and evolve science.

With that in mind, I try to write about my thoughts and imagination which help me explain what’s going on and what future could look like. My thoughts may sound nonsense (some of them truly are), but sharing them with others is the only way to make more people familiar with wrong theories. This needs courage and I hope I can bare it.

The subjects I’m interested in are the ones I need to explain what comes to my mind. So I may have to refer to many subjects in order to express one single topic and sometimes it would be a good idea to see how one subject can play role in explaining many different topics. Mathematics, physics, computer science, biology, chemistry, psychology, philosophy, and in one word science had great influence in Life in general and understanding it in particular; so there won’t be any surprise if these things got mixed here and I hope the result tastes good if strange.